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10 days Paragliding adventure
in Ecuador

02-12 december 2023

This trip is made for you as an adventure paragliding pilot (minimum P1 required) who wants to progress and further develop your flying skills by increasing your flight experience in different environments - souring with soft dynamic wind, thermic conditions and top landings are just a part of the experience along the Ecuadorian pacific o.

- Seats limited to 10 people -


10 days of paragliding in Ecuador for the beginner to advanced pilot. Great weather, awesome nature and most importantly - lots of flying!

- Please visit our FAQ for any queries - 


Day 01


We meet in the capital of Ecuador - Quito. Our transport will take us to the coast of Crucita and on the way we will make some stops to see the beautiful nature of Ecuador.

Day 03

Flying in Crucita

We continue to learn from yesterday and maybe you try some new routes this day. In the evening we depart for Canoa.

Day 05

Flying in Canoa

For the early birds we continue to explore Canoa, then we make our way to Montanita with a few stops on the way 

Day 02

Flying in Crucita

We will fly in Crucita the whole day, the weather is warm and sunny  (high and long flights anyone?!) so do not forget your sunscreen. Here we also practice top landing because it is ACE! for that.

Day 04

Flying in Canoa

On this stay we fly in Canoa, this is a good place for the intermediate flyer, but do not fear, if you feel like it is to much - pick up a surf board, have a dip in the sea or just hang out with the locals - you will love this place!

Day 06

Flying in Montanita

Montanita, the coast town that never sleeps (literally!). Here anyone can fly and we will.

Day 07

Flying in Montanita

Montanita has lots of places to explore so we will continue to do that on day 07.

Day 09

You do you

Today you have a day off - you wanna fly? We fly - you wanna do something else - plenty of options in this town, why not some salsa on the beach or a surfing lesson - perhaps yoga? On this day we also have dinner together.

Day 08

Flying in Montanita

The last spots of Montanita are discovered - or if you prefer one of the places you flew already that is also an option.

Day 10 

Travel day 

We embark on the transport back to Quito, with a few stops on the way. We say bye for now to our new found flying friends - but surely we meet again!

​ - Please note - 

  • This program requires a P1 license

  • The flying sites are subject to change depending on weather conditions

  • Minimum amount of participants is set to 7 pilots

What is included?

  • Transport with bus from and to airport in Quito

  • Transport within Ecuador to all designations listed

  • Take off fees

  • Hotels incl. breakfast

  • National guide

What is not included?

  • Airfare to and from Ecuador

  • Insurance (standard or plus from SPA needed)

  • Lunch/dinner (around 10 dollars a day. Dinner incl. day 9)

  • Entrance fees or other similar fees for extra curricular activities

  • Gear or any other PPE

What to bring?

  • Your own Paragliding gear (harness, glider, helmet, gloves, vario etc.)

  • Insurance papers

  • Sun screen

  • Smiles!

Price: 18 000 SEK incl. VAT 

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